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tv   Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Hold Protest at the White House  CSPAN  March 10, 2017 12:12pm-2:30pm EST

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of the room many times wish that they were in the front of the room would you ever consider running for office in new hampshire. >> that's not for me. i mean that in the best possible sense. i've have my share of the spotlight. been very fortunate to be on multiple tv shows and have the privilege to do a sunday shows. it is a great privilege. but you know i know i know i could be more effective by helping someone else be the best they can be. >> we are to take some questions from the audience with these two microphones anybody that wants to ask questions if you line up and start this and one question makes the question but before we get there. you can see all of this
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conversation on line we take you life to a rally across the street from the white house. the native american tribes rally. they had marched on pennsylvania avenue here for the rally and we are life here on c-span two. >> i ask you to stand with our indigenous community around the world. together we can rise. at this time the chairman of the tribe to share some words about a proclamation that we passed they jointly ask the units it's folk the discovery i am glad that he is here. to stand with us so we can continue to understand why we are troubled and understand why we face obstacles and i want him to come forward and
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talk about this. thank you guys for taking the time and listening to me. and together in unity we will rise and the country will come together. our rights well always be reflected. [inaudible] my relatives my name is joe day and i serve as the chairman of the nation and i come here among each and every one of you to see them. in the proclamation that has brought fred's pleas, before i
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read the proclamation we must remember this. we must remain of one voice one heart and one spirit to speak for those things that cannot speak for themselves. there is no dispute there is no dispute in and among themselves of those of them that are standing up. we must be united and it's only when we are united that the spirit will intervene and reaffirm that only in peace and only in prayer grounded by faith and guided by ceremony will be overcome please, it is
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going to read today a proclamation that's getting into an understanding of why this is all happening why are we losing our fight. i will read and i ask for your patience because this is important that they understand to commemorate. we've a message for the world.
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they are the source of all life. in the life destroyed credo. they recount the oil -- the history. love the water in the earth. lump all forms of life. care for them with deep and abiding honor and respect. before weren't if you poison and destroy them they will poison and destroy you. that is a natural law. our ancestors give to us the healing waters they are prayerful in caring for the earth resulted in the gear rivers.
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the respective territories of our nations throughout this hemisphere. our ancestors used their natural intelligence to us discern that it is light force. our ancestors were given and further involved original instruction natural laws and was in teaching. those instructions included the warnings. they enable us to maintain a sacred and right relationship. interconnected with all life forms and for all future generations this is our life sustaining message today. for more than 500 years country forces of great has worked to destroy our natural laws and love for mother earth. we have greatly opposed our
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nations and our ceremonies in our teachings. in the name and idea that they call that. the other u.s. actions have expressed these opposing forces. over the territories of the nations based upon the idea that christian nations of europe acquire jurisdictions the u.s. justice department made that exact argument in the u.s. supreme court case 1954 teton indians versus the united states. the justice department even quoted genesis 128 in the book of songs from the bible. is a direct contradiction. in the separation of church and state. we reject the pattern of thought and behavior on the credo and command.
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the royal charters written by this self-described christian monarchs. of domination and dehumanization used to attack our nations. the code of domination expressed a belief system that is willing to sacrifice everything on the altar of greed. even the sacred waters upon which life depends. one has only think of the lead in the brains of flint michigan children. when our indigenous ancestors properly cared for them in time in memorial the government and corporate forces that oppose us have a great disdain for our organic laws and teachings. the laws and teachings the end in the way of them fulfilling their love of riches and wealth. those forces that oppose us are blind to the spiritual
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nature in the hearing -- healing qualities. for them it is simply a commodity. it means to create more riches and wealth. where commodity to waste and destroy. therefore we seen here today and offer the following statement as a proclamation from the standing rock sioux tribe we will call upon all need of native nations and all original and free nations of the earth the original proclamation. they have uniquely brought forth in the unit existence. on turtle island. as these ideas have a
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reference in the divine instructions. then accurate contract. utilized by the monarchies of spain and england. it is against the original free people as a nation. we understand that the doctrine of discovery by historical monarchies it was justified by unholy instruction issued by writ. by and through the roman catholic church. we understand the dehumanizing force utilized in the executive legislative and judicial formation of america. we understand the specific reference of the flawed and
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unholy idea of the doctrine of discovery in the origin of federal indian law. it reaffirmed in 1955. by that supreme court ruling. we understand the judicial precedent of the intangible domination that has been utilized by america's judicial executive and legislative branches in the modern -- modern-day dispute. such as standing rock. we understand that the negative ideas of domination and dehumanization warned about two our collective original free people in the nations by and through divine instruction is the same negative idea that has been utilized by the roman catholic church the monarchies of spain and england in the united states of america we understand that the continued use of the ideas of domination
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and dehumanization shortens the sustained existence of our original free people the nations the roman catholic church the monarchies of spain and england in the nine states of america we understand this to be natural law. expressed by our creator memorialized into current divine instruction. we call upon all original free people in the nations of the world we call upon the roman catholic church we call upon the monarchies of spain and england and we call upon the united states of america. to understand this with us. we call upon the original free people the nations of the world specifically all native nations with internal i went to adopt this with us. we call upon pope francis the vatican and collectively the roman catholic church to formally in ceremonially
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revoked the historically issued unholy favorables. they are in direct conflict of the teachings of jesus christ. we call upon the monarchies of spain and england to renounce the charters that resulted in this it was indeed occupied. you call upon the united states of america. to discontinue the use of practical application of modern day domination and dehumanization acts. the modern-day application of the spirit idea in our concepts of domination and
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dehumanization is ending. do you understand do you understand. our friends and relatives is only in peace and only in prayer and only under a united front indeed that you will overcome for the fight in the struggle of the future generations. and for those things that cannot speak for themselves. no matter what dispute has arisen among us. as i have said no dispute in and among ourselves is more important that the future of the generations that are yet to come. we must unite in this battle. we must unite and i tell you
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today that in regards to the challenges in the conflicts and the conflicts with the association of the leadership we are sitting here. with that domination and the demonization of all of the laws and the battles of the stance that we made throughout time. i am asking everyone to please let us all collectively humble ourselves unite and stand together thank you. [foreign language] how is everyone feeling out there? all right. will keep this moving right along. this is what democracy looks like.
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show me what democracy looks like. show me what democracy looks like. our next speaker is the president of the indian nation he represents a people as a voice. as incredible to see how me different voices from different nations, here to come out to be and be a part of this conversation. we will not be silenced. please make some noise. good afternoon on behalf of the indian nation we are honored to stand was standing rock like to introduce my fellow council we have our youth, we represent the tribes
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in the northwest i also serve as vice president. we have a very special message to deliver. he called very special and strong people to turtle island. in the greater envisioned a very bright future for about every obligation. in the lands and territories along with that came instruction very sacred instruction. number one.
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protect mother earth as you would protect your birth mother. just as you would be willing to delay their willing to lay down your life for mother earth. the second instruction may humble. recognize the power of the grandfather ocean. we are not owners to harm in any way shape or form the sacred special gift is meant to survive from here through eternity. if we don't humble ourselves that leaves nothing for the
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future and for future generations. that is wrong. in addition from the beginning there is an unbroken chain of stewardship an unbroken chain of honorable and righteous stewardship. the environment and our in our natural world. we want to ensure that not only is an unbroken chain that through many of its injuries for two centuries we see the blood shed throughout our land that was to protect each and every land and territory for
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future generations two centuries of bloodshed did not conquer us and when the battles were one on the soil we took the battles inside the courtroom. every justice system within this great land justice evaluate those. they are deemed a supreme law of the land. 1970 the united states approves -- approved our tall
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sacred trees were a clear catch. where our rivers and our waters and our streams were polluted and corrupted but we soon and mitchell versus united states. it was held to account. warm springs all the tribes in our great area that have taken the united states to task have one and they had one victoriously. in the courts have ruled that treaties at the highest moral standard the units it has agreed . the president of the united states every member of congress. that sits on a bench takes notes. and to dean and recognize the supreme law of the land.
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at this point in time they did not conquer it. to centuries they would not be beat in court. now is the time. develop the relationship. we must ensure that every decision that is made is with our free informed consent. no country should ever take unilateral action against our objection without consulting us. we stand we continue to fight. we are together. we stand with standing rock.
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i will close us but everyone repeating after me for the entire city here is our message. we stand with standing rock. we stand with standing rock. we stand with standing rock. >> thank you for being here. how are you feeling. i love this son. it makes me feel so happy. i was raised by my grandma.
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that doesn't really make it happy. it should just be there for me. i was raised by mine. without them we would not be here. many people would not be here. she is a many people know her face. many people have been blessed enough to hear her words and right now i want you to all rise and think this woman for coming to be with us here today. i'm sure glad we have the fired up woman warrior. i was looking at some of your faces and you were's thinking when is about in a ring. but guess what, class is not
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point to end. this is the beginning we all have a divine plan is my firm belief you are here for a reason we had intercepted because of your divine plan. and those grandchildren that still are unborn because we are in danger. on the northern plains we had been given instruction by 2040 possibly the missouri river well dry up. many of you get your water from the missouri river. the longest one on the main stem. it leads into the gulf. the message that i bring to you is that we are doing things that hasn't been done before. will do it better than ever. so when we come here we come back to retrieve the spirit. we came to in just like you did.
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we have some people that never returned. they are buried here. every time you come to washington you help take their spirit home. thank you for doing that. as we continue to do that. it is important that when you come together in a movement like this if you think there well not be conflict you are mistaken. someone told me something like a thousand years ago when i was young with a sign like yours. i would get mad because people would not agree with me. and i would walk away pouting and one of my spiritual leaders told me but when you're tested it's important another spiritual leader told
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me in my journey when you get in a conflict with somebody and walk away you are mistaken if you think they are not going to return and he said do you know why, because the earth is round. it's full circle. and what i want you to remember is that we have much work to do. but above all what they told us they has to be founded on culture because you do not go into a community without honoring and respecting the traditions of that community. and so when you do these movements in your land we look to your guidance. i promise personally i will respect that. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much.
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that is an incredibly important thing. it was based off honoring the sacred ways of life. because of the impact on climate change. because everybody that thought to protect it before. our inherent right as part of what we fight to protect. everybody. people, power. people, power. the next performing artist all right.
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i am incredibly honored to be introducing this next artist if you look back to the history of movements they had been in critical part of telling our stories of people representing our voices. i look at how music can help bring people together. they can bring in a really beautiful wife he has performed for the pope. everybody make some noise.
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i come all the way from tucson, arizona. it is cold for another boy. --dash for a desert boy. first of all in our traditions when we come out it's nice to bring something with us. we've all kind of free downloaded music here. it's never been about the money for me. it's never been about the status. just to get a stupid salty. if you went up there just for instagram i feel sorry for your relatives. and it is much as i could. twenty-seven hours each way.
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you can download the music. i will throw this as far as i can. let's see what happens. [applause]. that's the indian way you give until it to you can give anymore. that core group right there. and honor. there is no money involved in this. we believe in this cause. for over 500 years they've silenced us. we planted seeds everywhere and i'm so proud to say that i
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could be a part of it. they prayed for the water. i'm thankful for it. to be standing as indigenous people again i'm so thankful. i tell everybody. love your children, honor your elders and for god sake please respect your women. [applause]. [music] [music] ..
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♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> water is life.
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[applause] >> tromp, if you are looking , everybody face that way. face towards tromp. jew we know where you live. make some noise. [cheers and applause] one of the most powerful forces of the plant as the power of the young people. this is our world now. today. we're here to fight. it represents these voices but we have one more speaker and they will be hearing from the youth. the next speaker is melissa, president of the new york council coming to speak the truth. everybody make some noise for melissa. [cheers and applause]
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>> will good morning everybody. >> good morning. >> i'm the president of the new york city council representing our beautiful diversity of 8.5 million people here with my colleague. all of us are members of a black latina project. [applause] and last year we issued a proclamation in support and standing with standing rock as well the struggle to ensure that this access pipeline is not built. [applause] so we are here joining you to stand up for our indigenous brothers and sisters on behalf of new york city. we are saying now to the dakota access pipeline. [applause] in demanding this accreditation
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respect to rights , your sovereignty and make sure that we provide dignity. right place went to treat each other with dignity in this country and that is obviously not happening here today. we want to send a clear message to this white house right across the way that this administration that this infringement on indigenous sovereignty reflects the very worst part of our history, and that we cannot repeat that. so we stand with all of you. it's not who we are. [cheers and applause] this is more than about this pipeline. it is not understanding of our history. it is about respecting human rights and putting people over profits and corporations. [cheers and applause] so very simple , trump has a responsibility we all know , we've seen that that is not happening. this is most incapable administration that we've ever had. it is chaos wreaking havoc in
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this country, wreaking havoc in communities across this country, that we will not allow him to bulldoze himself through this country and we will not allow them to build this pipeline. [cheers and applause] so we are here in solidarity. we're going to unite, pushback, but back. right? so thank you for that. we are very much united in this struggle. we are all one and went to build that solidarity across struggles. as a latina come as a puerto rican i'm here to say that i add my voice to the resistance and stand with standing rock. [cheers and applause] >> i have said this yesterday and it want to say begin. there may be some casualties, but we collectively will be here
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long after this despicable presidency is over. [cheers and applause] >> history will look back, he didn't make a lot of money and is going to be in the worst annals of history. we will be regarded as he rose in history. [cheers and applause] as a black man, when i talk about the struggles in this country, there's one group when they stand up, i sat down. that's native americans. [cheers and applause] >> i'm here to say that all the way from the bronx we stand with you in solidarity an injustice for one is an injustice to all. what it is like. [applause] >> this is the greatest uniting nations of movements at a people with seen in this in a very long time. [cheers and applause] [speaking spanish]
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we stand united in a way that we haven't in a long time. the beauty of the diversity of this movement and of this country is what gives revolution life. we fight for justice. we fight for the future we believe we can pass on to her children and our grandchildren. so now to hear a voice of the use of standing rock i like to introduce alice. everybody, please make some noise. [cheers and applause] [speakin [speaking in native tongue] >> i am from the -- tribe. [cheers and applause] >> when the first, like i think in april when the movement started, i was there for the first video.
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thank you. [applause] >> and i'd like to just say to keep focusing on what we're here for, against the pipeline, and to continue going with respect and love and just being faith. and this movement is about unity. and that hurt my heart when people were booing our chairman. please respect, that's what we learned. everyone should respect because all of us are here for one reason. [cheers and applause]
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i hope you like -- again, with the youth, their beautiful, strong. they have been you. they are resilient and they're going to be leading this movement some so glad we are all here to defer to them because they are beautiful. everybody, give it up for them. [cheers and applause] >> speaking of the youth, we have another youth here from -- maria. please welcome her now. [cheers and applause] hello. my name is lisa and i've something here -- action live with oil and gas i want to start out with. no pipeline is safe. we have witnessed one of the biggest pipeline spills in north dakota, the industry has not
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been held accountable for the cleanup. but with that i will read you a quote that we did a video with the council, which are grassroots group is associated with the protectors of water and earth rights is what it stands for and if you ever get a chance, go to duke university jointed note the contaminations that are happening with wastewater and brian. they did a study and proves it's very toxic, the wastewater. stick sorry, i'm going to read it. we stand in solidarity with native nations and indigenous people of the world to protect mother earth for future generations. we must do right to an another and protect our communities from interest motivated by greed. we must stand together for our common values, be heard and bring change.
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with that here's my daughter, maria. [cheers and applause] >> well, hello everyone. my name is maria. my native american name is yellow rose. i'm also vice president of the modern-day warriors grassroots group from fort bristles. our group was great because we witness and a bimetal and back back for more and gas on fort bristles, created on opposing the pipelines has been constructed under lake. i would also like to thank the indigenous and five mental networks for the opportunity to speak and the opportunity to represent the youth on the fort bristles reservation. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> okay. one quick housekeeping.
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please meet is behind the stage. also i am very, very excited to welcome the people from the southwest who are here. i want you guys to give a very warm welcome to our leaders on the southwest. [cheers and applause] >> i've been working in the southwest for about four years now, and i have brought one of my pueblo sisters with me, and she's here with her uncle also. so we just want to talk about the canyon nsa could it is and the canyon to us is like a world trade center as well. in the ancient times and it was built in 980. it has amazing astronomical alignments and they are fracking at choco because they just saw more parcels back in january.
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we are starting a resistance there. we stand in solidarity with standing rock and we are working in solidarity as pablo, it's never happened before brain ancient site. we just want to tell everybody here that we are going to be working together. we need to use our healing elements to heal, and we can't let them destroy it and to basically abuse it in the fracking process because it's meant to heal. it's not meant to destroy the land, air and water. thank you. [cheers and applause] [speaking in native tongue] spirit i work with public action alliance and we are along with kim are coming together for the canyon. when you fracture is sacred place, you fracture the people. our people are hurting and we're coming together in unity for
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this. our leaders are following in her footsteps. they have formed a research development committee. all indian public governors council at the navajo nation had a joint committee, or joint sessions, in which they stood up to protect the canyon. so our leaders are also coming together and uniting the same way that everybody did at standing rock and we're healing phase ancient wounds and were coming together, the seventh generation and the young people and our leaders are listening and their following. i would just like to recognize our state leadership. along with a 20 to recognize in the state of new mexico signed a resolution in support of chaco canyon come in support of standing rock. it is the first resolution of its kind at a state level where every single tribe in the state along with the state legislature
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has signed on to sports i just wanted to recognizing them as well. [cheers and applause] >> so many beautiful sacred places in this country that we're fighting to protect. it's incredible to see that the momentum addressed in rock has to continue in all of our communities to defend the sacred land and the sacred water where everybody comes from to protect the sacred sites. so this next person i'm incredibly honored to introduce, a little bit more music, although that more art, some incredible artists will come up and perform for you guys. everyone make some noise while we get them up on stage. [cheers and applause] everyone, make some more noise. [cheers and applause]
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>> hey, everybody. >> hey. ♪ ♪
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[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> make some noise one more time for ulali, everyone. [cheers and applause] >> after that beautiful performance with hollywood in the house stand in solidarity with the standing rock. i'd like to -- everyone make some noise.
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[cheers and applause] >> unity, yes, unity. let's hear it for ulali. [cheers and applause] unity is and always will be what holds us together as a people. not just indigenous people but people from all over the world. [cheers and applause] >> it is said, and it may be true, that corporations are people. let me hear it. corporations are people. [booing] if corporations are people, corporations will have hearts, souls, mines. and we would ask that those corporations with hearts to
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think, think, what is it, what is it that the world needs now? >> love spirit we don't need more oil. [shouting] >> keep it in the soil. [cheers and applause] keep it in the soil. >> keep it in the soil. >> if corporations have hearts, it big oil has hearts, let's ask them now, let's ask them now, obey your heart, your conscience. we need not, we need not take our oil from the earth. we need not corrupt and rate mother earth with the machinery
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of big oil. let's stop. we know it's not going to last forever. we know the oil will not last forever and we cannot drink oil. we cannot drink oil. let's keep it in the soil. [cheers and applause] keep it in the soil. >> keep it in the soil. >> corporations, if you have a heart, big oil, if you have a hard, speak. let's find with the technology and the brainpower that we have in the world, let's find a new way. [cheers and applause] an alternative way to keep what we have now with alternative energy of one kind or another.
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we know that we as mankind have the imagination to come up with something else. we need to come up with something else, and so corporations, if you are people and if you are people you have hearts, give it some thought. let's make a change. big oil, let's keep it in the soil. keep it in the soil. >> keep it in the soil. >> keep it in the soil. >> water is life spirit water is life. >> water is life. >> water is life. >> thank you. [cheers and applause] all right. can we take a second to make some noise for the veterans who came out to support standing rock?
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[cheers and applause] >> the next person a is a former combat, is a combat veteran, a u.s. representative from hawaii and was among the veterans who went to standing rock to show support. a buddy please make some noise for tulsa gabbard, representative from hawaii. [cheers and applause] >> aloha. the sun just came out. let's get some aloha spirit going here. aloha. >> aloha spirit it's awesome to be vacuum with so many of you. i see many fellow veterans in the house. i was proud to have joined you at standing rock as we stood together with water protectors from all across this country, standing to protect water. standing to take a stand for our country, send a strong message that water is life.
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i'm so proud to stand with you here today. we are in a little bit of a different place than standing rock, but we stand in solidarity recognizing that the fight is not over. we stand in the same spirit of peace and in prayer, looking upon our nations capital, looking upon this white house, senate and message to our leaders that our government belongs to the people. [cheers and applause] because too often as you know in this town the decision being made here benefits the corporate money, special interest and greed on the backs of people, on the backs of our planet. so let our voices be heard loud and clear with the resounding positive message, remind our nations leaders that we are all bound together in this great web
1:18 pm
of life. that we are gathered here around not a partisan issue, not a divisive issue but issue that is in sexual to human manner to. the fight for clean water is about for the lifeblood of our planet, the soul of our nation and of all nations. let us remember that the founding fathers of this country took a great inspiration from native american governance here and the democratic principles they were founded upon. this unique form of governance was built on an agreement called a great law of peace. which states that before beginning their deliberations the council should be obliged, and i quote, to express the gratitude to their -- greatly. they should make an address and offer thanks to the earth where men dwell, to the streets --
1:19 pm
streams of water, the pools, this brings in the lakes, to the maze and the fruits to the medicinal herbs and trees, to the forest trees for the usefulness and to the great creator who dwells in the heavens above, and it gets all things useful to man and he was at the source and the ruler of health and life. [cheers and applause] >> this recognition of our debt to the creator and of our duty to be responsible members of this great web of life was there for the beginning of western democracy. so we must always remember the loss of our nation are built on the foundations of a natural law, a law that cannot be abated over trigger laws that do not respond to the manipulation of special interest or
1:20 pm
corporations. this is a defining time for our generation to take a stand for future generations. will we lead with a message of peace, love and life quacks or with one of darkness, divisiveness and hate? we face many challenges but with challenges where left with opportunity, the opportunity to unite with people from all across this country and around the world to promote the most basic truth that water is life. [cheers and applause] >> it is for this cause that we must stand strong and stand together for our water, our land, our native people, and all people, all of humanity everywhere. for our shared future on this great turtle island, our great country. thank you for continuing to
1:21 pm
stand strong and probably with his fight. i know there are many the stand alongside you as we continue to push forward to protect our water, to protect our resources and to protect our future. thank you very much for being here. aloha. [cheers and applause] >> one more time for tulsi gabbard, please. [cheers and applause] >> i love being around strong women. i was raised by then. i see them in the audience. give it up for all the ladies that are here right now. [cheers and applause] really loud to moms and grandmothers, your daughters and -- [cheers and applause] >> strong wonderful beautiful women.
1:22 pm
i have the privilege of going to six nations territory a couple of weeks ago, and it is beautiful and i'm in awe of everything they've done. i have seen how the mohawk have -- i am deeply inspired. if you haven't ever seen how the mohawk protected their land, i guarantee you, you will not be disappointed. please welcome back the mohawk seniors. [cheers and applause] [shouting]
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>> can you hear me okay? good to be here with all of you. hello, everybody. we're going to share a song which is asking the foreign messengers to watch over us. i invited our friends to come help out.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[cheers and applause] >> everybody make some noise for wounded warriors. [cheers and applause] in my native language we call women warriors -- [speaking in native tongue] that balance is it credibly important. we've all heard that sacred balance between men and women, the masculine and feminine. so next up we have another women warrior named candy raise plenty from the true spirit nation. so everyone make some more noise for our women warrior from the true spirit nation. [cheers and applause] i think she's coming, don't worry.
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transition is rough, guys. all right, thank you so much for being here, candy. [speaking in native tongue] >> i would like to greet each and every one of you with a handshake from my heart. my name is candy and i am the leader of the true spirit nation camp. [cheers and applause] >> behind me here is some of the most fierce, amazing warriors who stood on the ground the entire time from the beginning of our commitment all the way until the end. each and every one of these people behind me, including our elder, everly, i want to acknowledge her, she stood strong and when we went in on her very first action last of
1:28 pm
them are she woke up and she said this might be the only time that i can stand strong as a true spirit standing rock warrior. we have this elder here who continues to reiterate that we in the seventh generation, we need to continue coming together. we are really cleaning, reinvigorating, reclaim our space and our native circle as true spirit warriors. we were all siblings, still our siblings. each had one of you out here, it makes my heart so happy. we continued to walk forward and move forward and continue representing the lgbtq indigenous walk of life. [cheers and applause] we are strong and immensely and passion would wear one mind, one
1:29 pm
heart, one prayer when we come together. we are all related. we are all related each and every one of us and we all need water to live. [cheers and applause] >> and you know, one thing, i been out there as a true spirit nation camp and we invited every single person. we were on every front-line action. we woke up in the morning and we did the water ceremony. .. i want to thank each and every one of you for standing here with love and solidarity. we are one heartbeat and we
1:30 pm
dedicate moving forward, water is life. and it's our culture, i will follow the sioux and my great-grandfather's grandfather was the shaman and we move forward with ceremonies every day, we carry that prayer to every sunset and i'm here to acknowledge each and every one of you, you were a walking prayer. we have so much love offered and we need to continue coming together about one mind, one prayer with the. [applause] >>. [inaudible conversation]
1:31 pm
>> ... how is everyone out there? you all say power to the people, people. when i say people, you all say power. people. power. i'm so incredibly excited to introduce our next guest, we need time so i'm going to say quickly, one of the ways i express myself is as a voice for the younger generation is through hip-hop. you look back at the history of hip-hop, it was the voice of the oppressed. hip-hop comes from a place of uniting the community, bringing people together and violence, to have a way to communicate and stand together in solidarity amongst the injustices. we're taking back the power and bringing it to the people.
1:32 pm
we stand for justice, fright for freedoms to be treated equal. this is our time and you can't say my name unless you know it's me when you see it. i am indigenous, a product of genocide, my path but i refuse to hide.we're humbly like a pack of worlds, howling at the moon, running through the woods. the bureaucracy, sick of broken democracy. fulfilling the prophecies, overthrowing kings, ready to break free from leaders , leaderships of beacon, leading ships to freedom, state of emergency, wake up people that be sleeping, we strike a match, like a flame area can set the world of fire, i could see it in your eyes, born to be a freedom fighter.born to be stronger than the shadows that you're running from, overcome, over stand, and up, and up, don't shoot. the indigo warriors, visionary artists in time to take the powerback and finish what we started. there is nothing that we can do .
1:33 pm
this is ruth of revolution, it's the power that we're taking. [cheering] so coming out of standing rock, i saw a lot of incredibly inspiring, heart-wrenching videos. people documenting the injustice. documenting that violence against our people and one of the most powerful videos i saw from out of standing rock was a muted video video produced by the next performer, the next poets, the next lyricist, the next representative on the black hills of south dakota, a man named mystic the wrapper was going to come and share his wisdom, share his truth, i'm incredibly excited to give the story that he tells with the words that he speak are here to unite us all. make some noise for brother prolific the wrapper. [applause] >> how you guys feeling?
1:34 pm
[applause] this is extremely, extremely beautiful. it makes me emotional. and i'm sure sometimes you guys have seen me cry online, i try not to do that but it's the heart and love a video that i made, black snake was not because of me, it was because of you guys. all the beauty, all the power that i saw it standing rock and i'm wearing this shirt today to use that standing rock, they ran across from the old bridge all the way to camp and they gave me this shirt and it was beautiful,it brought all that power back. and i'm so happy to be here. when i say i am , you are going to say powerful because when we come together, this is powerful. i am ... >> i am ... >> when we come together, we are powerful and when i say we are, you're going to say powerful. we are ... >> powerful. >> we are ...
1:35 pm
>> powerful. i'm going to show a documentary real quick, it's called black snake. go ahead. >> pc, i need you guys to do a favor for me. put your fists in the air. water is life, right? many will tune in. you guys are beautiful. when we are one family, one earth here, right in front of the white house, what is going on here?we are here, and riding on four horsemen, eclipses from black snake. my duty constantly need to make. they can charge a product but they want to save a buck, already half 1 million isn't enough. i used the bne audio field, getting paid but with oil
1:36 pm
water i candrink , this doesn't mean i die in the line. i look to tell myself it's enough, money does not only my soul, it's not applying by having the fields from coast to coast. nothing can be replaced, it's your mother, the fresh water is remains. turtle i cannot flex state, the fresh water on the riverbanks, what is going on? how we all lost our minds, every human needs clean water to survive.i love you guys, you guys are beautiful. you guys are powerful. it's amazing. love is the strongest, this
1:37 pm
land is the hardest but if we weren't strong enough, we wouldn't see it. ourfriends would not be needed. his movements very needed . the secret things are being depleted. i from the mother and i'm white too, it's a part of me just like you. every group of human beings shares the same stars and if the earth is not your mother, are you from mars? how many of you are from mars? all right, no martians here. how many of you are from planet earth? [cheering] the earth is your mother. the earth is all of our mothers. there's time for all of us to stand up. what we started at standing rock will continue. it's a savvy call calling my turtle island, continued destruction of the earth.
1:38 pm
lifting the field still nothing true, i had that money in front of me but i left it. your money is dirty my mother gets disrespected. when she's connected she find heavy, what can we evolved as beings and as many, we are a people people, that's why we walk with prayer, if that wasn't true, we wouldn't be standing here. we walk with prayer. covered up like turtles, have no fear. despite what they show in the media, we are people, hold your ground, change is coming now.[applause] water is life. water is life. water is life. we are powerful. we are ... >> powerful. >> you guys are powerful.
1:39 pm
when we come together, we can stop anything. the youth runners who started this, the traditional leaders, the people, the allies, the people that all, when we come together we can stand up to anything now it's our job to continue to wake up the people of the world and show them their power just as you guys are finding your power. you guys are beautiful, i'm not scared because of you guys. you guys are powerful. i love you all. thank you. [cheering] >> make some noise one more time for prolific. all right. up next, you know, the dakota access pipeline is not the only pipeline, there's big drilling pipelines and projects and we continue to catch fire across the country.
1:40 pm
the next speaker is a representative of the dakota pipeline, marty garcia and everybody make some noise for marty garcia. [applause] >> hello. first and foremost i want to give thanks to the speaker and the spirits of the land and to all of you. wow, this is amazing. i keep saying, there's more than one pipeline. we are here in solidarity with our brothers and sisters but the companies, they are greedy. i have pipelinesgoing through west texas , and we have the two rivers council there and we are fighting them. they are almost done but we've been holding the line. they're demonstrating but they're not done yet and we're going to do all we can to stop it. and it's this is going to make it happen because we have all our brothers fighting and were going to show that they can't hold us down.
1:41 pm
we're going to find enough and we're not going to take anymore so thank you for all of you and all that you are doing. [cheering] me and my sisters, i thank you again for all that you are doing because all of us make a difference, each one of you, all of you there standing here. those of you that are white people, on social media, that fight in getting the word out so keep it going. let's keep showing them they are not going to stop us and we're going to stop them. this is for our future generations, for thechildren. i keep getting asked , what would you tell donald trump? and there's so much we really want to say to him and i pray for him. that's another thing, if there's anybody in that
1:42 pm
heart, i would praise his grandchildren. so donald trump, if you are listening, don't you have a few children in your heart that you can water? theodore, those are the ones you need to think of. youdon't want to think about us trump, think about them. think about their future because they're the ones . they're the ones . women warriors, let me put this out for you. [chanting] hey, hey, ya-qui-o. hey, hey, ya-qui-o. hey, hey, ya-qui-o.
1:43 pm
hey, hey, ya-qui-o. thank you. thank you once again. [applause] i'm here representing the native nations, also my people in pueblo and santa from california and my sister here from southern, southern americans and we are here uniting not just the people of the clans but condor and the eagle coming together. all the people need to come together.hello, okay. so i want to welcome representative, peggy flanagan, forgive me. i now live in minneapolis and that i'm excited to be here.
1:44 pm
please welcome. >> peggy flanagan, my name is penny flanagan, i am a student of the wider nation and my family is the wolf clan. the rule of the wolf clan is to be the protector of the community and that is who we all aretoday . we are the protectors. of the community. my heart is so full in this moment. you all look at the cold, the snow right here, i'm from minnesota but it's a good reminder. we have been through so much and we continue to move forward. we continue to move forward. i am one of four native women who are in the minnesota house of representatives .
1:45 pm
and slowly but surely, we are growing and i represent a community called two apartments in the suburbs so i hold down the urban and suburban indian communities in the minnesota house of representatives. and here's why that matters. we are everywhere. for a long time, we had to make decisions about us without us at the table. and that stops, that ends. that happens each and every day here in washington dc in that house and in the capital down the way. and it matters when we show up and we make our voices heard. and every day when i'm in minnesota at the capital , each bill introduced that has to do with our people.
1:46 pm
it has to do with the indian people, it has to do with indian children. without talking to indigenous people and that stops today. that stops now. so some folks say hey, what's the native american person doing in the government? it's been a real safe space for us, right? this is the deal, i refuse, i refuse to allow decisions to be made about indigenous people without indigenous people anymore. >> and here's the deal, this movement and this moment is led by our young people. and for that, i am so grateful. >> and this movement, as we just had international women's day, had my own . >> we always had that and we
1:47 pm
always will. >> are you from, that guys in the white house now. are you? here's the deal. we have been through so much. that we have continued to rise. i talk to an owner in my community, that look on your face, i had that look on my face when i was your age. and i'd be hopeful, be hopeful because that's what i'm going to say to you, he we have been through much worse and we are still here. >>. >> our ancestors trained us into existence and we each have a role to fill. so in this moment, in your heart, in your mind, think about your role is in this moment and in our community. and live into that. sing into that. work into that and that is how we move forward. that is how we provide this moment and that's how we dream ourselves into
1:48 pm
existence to know we deserve. my daughter who i carry in my heart all the time, she is four years old and she is a fighter and she will lead us into the future the same weight as young organizers are doing. >> in my language, i say rest, thank you for being here and get into your role all your power, we are powerful people. the large decisions about indigenous peoplewithout indigenous people. >> . [applause] okay, like i said siobhan. >> i used to work with her, and it's great. i still don't know what i'm doing here when i come to dc. so what we're trying to do as women is coming to the decision. >>. >> i'm off. >> i follow the discussion
1:49 pm
today and i also want to support you because we have the beautiful youth here, the youth that is sitting in front of you at the fairground, that are willing to speak up and tell the trump administration. [applause] right now, we have a 16-year-old on stage who has been a part of the day as lesbian alliance in the united states government, she is inspiring earlier and she's with you now, help me welcome right now if you can hit the stage, thank you very much. [applause] >> how are you all doing today? so my cells and other young people around the country are holding us government accountable for violating our constitutional rights and happiness for infringing on
1:50 pm
those rights by not taking action . [applause] failure to act on climate change is a violation of indigenous rights and civil rights and our constitutional rights but we are taking action in court. and thus far, with me, we are going to have our trial where we aretestifying , wishing the support that we will be under the remaining court in the transition towards the country by pledging in the nation, every single year. we're going to make this happen under the trump administration, it doesn't need to be on climate change of our prices.>> so i'm going to perform a song for you guys, this is something i wrote for the warriors at standing rock. for the freedom fighters, the water protectors and those that stood through all the bullets. those on the front lines of every movement, those on construction projects across
1:51 pm
the state. , for all of you, hi5. you guys doing okay out there? all right. >> the warrior and the home people around, the sounds of the european. [wrapping] break free from the front lines, to the high tide. we're getting the last stanza of the combine, fire for the invisible combine. >> their driving up to the suppliers. the candidates are working to the time. but it still grinds up. so get these tear gas, rubber bullets on the movement. get these tear jackets, and
1:52 pm
the fight to the raid. [ fast-paced wrapping] >> we need follow fossil fuels over teaching all the people how to fight. >> we don't keep up to the pipeline dying. yeah, these pipelines die. we made our children with the priors on the high tide, as a light dance, [fast-paced wrapping]. i'm not questioning where i come from, water is the faith, the bullets come from behind to protect us. >> the battle of our lifetime, back in with a fine
1:53 pm
time, when i say no more, just say pipeline. no more, pipeline. when i say no more, you all say tragic. no more. when i say wealth, power. people, power. when i say people, you will say power. bpower.and i say no more pipeline, no more. when i say no more, you will say fracking. no more. >> when i say power, people, power. >> thank you. >> one more time for you guys. this song is you all break free. we're all trying to break free from the systems. it's time to break free. time to break free. so this is for all the people
1:54 pm
and trusting in that role. , we're running straight, looking for another, this is for my brothers, each one against another. >> and i did more than human, i can relate to him. i was with the darkness, that's what i was in and when my mom called me, said you wonder where i am, i will ask the. the music, let me sing the blues. we sing in the air of freedom, we same candle, we want freedom. we sing it to the people who've lost hope, free them. sing it to yourself when you are not the reason, it's the great priest, it's our only choice. we march in the streets, overpower the noise. it's great how we see you, chained to these pipelines, like sides, break free from the government, don't let it
1:55 pm
change you. the path of destruction is how it made you, break free and don't let it change you, the path is stronger is all it made you. so with our hands up in the air for freedom, we want freedom. we see it for the people who lost hope, free them and say to yourself, to break free is our only choice. we stand united to break free. [cheering] all right. okay. we just look across for her and her father is looking for us and we love to reunite you with your father so all right. i have the great pleasure of introducing the next act, thank you so much for
1:56 pm
allowing me to perform for you guys. this next act is , he's a legend. we have people with these movements that have great influence in the world whether it's hollywood or the music industry, that's another sign of solidarity and power. this is about activists, it's about all people, artists, poets, visionaries, moderators, politicians all coming together to perform the tightest, most strongest movement we have seen in this country for a long time. i'm honored to introduce the next artist from the block id, make some noise. . one more time, a round of applause ladies and gentlemen. [applause] is an honor as a show show me representing the shoshone nation to be
1:57 pm
standing here in solidarity with my brothers and sisters with the indigenous and the fact that you are here, we've got a lot of people. a lot of people in this moment and the power of people can be a lot stronger than people with power. >>. >> i said the power of the people can be a lot stronger than people with power. >>. [applause] and the beautiful thing about it is that it all started with you. >> so i want to salute the people standing rock , the water protectors, everyone is here. everyone here who is standing in solidarity with standing rock, i want everybody to put your fist up. we are about a journey as one. dropping through. >>. >>.
1:58 pm
>> the pipeline, let those on the front lines no. that gives it dissent for us to grow. just showing skin. as people move in power that we may stay, that we may unite. humidity our tool, no weapons found in this court of rule, many steadfast in their garden, protecting with hart as their song takes a root, roots that healing for all city beings,to honor sacred mothers , heart forward we heal, the standing will rise, this is our proud, the rain is here. >> put your fist up if you are proud. >> let's go. [music] >> stand up, here we go. can everybody hear this, stand up. >> people from side to side, stand up. >> here we go. >> stand up.
1:59 pm
we are one nation and our people living to the nation, stand up. we will fight for our future so we may end up in santa maria. stand up like the vehicle, arsenic is here. >> nothing poisoning the waters for us, the sons and daughters where we hold the frontiers. >> one nation, one cause, one people, one tribe, no dakota access pipeline. show you how it's done, everybody sing this with me, let's go. >> . >> all the native people, >> keep your head up. hey, do it so i can hear you all. i want everybody to say stand up. >> stand up. >> stand up. >> for standing rock, we stand up. tonight we all people united. we want to take this to the
2:00 pm
night sky, you all have a good night. here we go. are you ready? [applause] i said, are you ready? [cheering] here we go. i want you guys to sing this with me. and it goes like this. one, two, 123, [singing] i've got a feeling that tonight is going to be a good night, that tonight's going to be a good night. that tonight's going to be a good, good night. i've got a feeling that tonight's going to be a good night.♪ ♪ that tonight's going to be ♪ a good, good night. ♪ that tonight's going to be ♪ a good, good night. ♪ i've got a feeling that
2:01 pm
♪ tonight's going to be a ♪ good night. ♪ that tonight's going to be ♪ a good good night. ♪ that tonight's going to be ♪ a goodnight .♪ ♪ i've got a feeling. ♪ that tonight's going to be ♪ a good night. ♪ that tonight's going to be ♪ a good good night. ♪ that tonight! ♪ to be a good goodnight .♪ ♪ >> i've got my money, ♪ let's take it on. ♪ go up your mansion, let go ♪ my car, but clock is over, ♪ let's kick it off. ♪ i know we will have a ♪ ball. ♪ >> everybody have a good ♪ time, make some noise. ♪ >> here we go. ♪ fill up my car, muscles
2:02 pm
♪ off. ♪ just take it on. ♪ let's break it down, who ♪ shut us down,? ♪ and then will do it again. ♪ >> let's do it, let's do ♪ it,let's do it again.♪ ♪ let's doit and do it and ♪ ♪ do it it , and ♪ do it, and do it . ♪ >> celebrate our people,♪ ♪ tonight we are celebrating ♪ . ♪ >> i've got a feeling that ♪ tonight's going to be a ♪ good night. ♪ that tonight's going to be ♪ a good, good night. ♪ that tonight's going to be ♪ a good, good night. ♪ >> everybody here for the ♪ common cause. ♪ >> are going to tell them ♪ that we celebrate right ♪ here, we're going in with ♪ the people. ♪ >>.♪ ♪ >>, tonight, let's live it ♪
2:03 pm
♪ up. ♪ i got my money, let's ♪ spend it all. ♪ go out and take it, let go ♪ my car, get off that sofa, ♪ let's kick it off. ♪ my cup, muscles off. ♪ look out and dance, let's ♪ take it on. ♪ let's take it down, will ♪ shut it down. ♪ raising the roof and then ♪ we do it again. ♪ >> let's do it again. ♪ and do it, and do it, ♪ let's live it up, and do ♪ it. ♪ and do it and do it.♪ ♪ 1234. ♪ >> here we come, your we ♪ go. ♪ we got a rocking. ♪ easy come, easy go. ♪ now we're on top. ♪ give a shot, body rock. ♪ round and round, up and ♪ down.monday, tuesday, ♪ wednesday.
2:04 pm
♪ friday, saturday.♪ ♪ let's go. ♪ party every day. ♪ party every day. ♪ i've got a feeling that ♪ tonight's going to be a ♪ good, good night. ♪ that tonight's going to be ♪ a good, good night. ♪ that tonight's going to be ♪ a good, good night. ♪ i've got a feeling that ♪ tonight's going to be a ♪ good night. ♪ that tonight's going to be ♪ a good, good night. ♪ that tonight's going to be ♪ a good, good night. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, we celebrate our native youth, we celebrate because they are the future. you got to be perfect role models, even if it's on that
2:05 pm
side. nobody's perfect but we've got to lead by example. we've got to be role models. we've got to get the frequency of love. that's what i want to share with you guys today. because i love each and every one here. >>. >> if you're feeling the love, but your heart like this. here we go. love all people. love all people. >> the same, all things have changed, blue paper plates are the roles that change, you keep those soul, a lot of people love that don't know, nations fall. all on the little ones, are all going to suffer. so ask yourself, people ask yourself, what is going wrong with this world that we live in, we don't live that were living in, make the wrong decision but we're visually
2:06 pm
living in. a war going on but the reasons are coming, we kept the running of the roads because you never to step. >> our next speaker will be. let's go. >>. [singing] father, help us. >>. >> one time you all. one time. work in the house. what's up? >> where is the love? shaping up y'all. >> shakedown all. >>.
2:07 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, i have the honor of introducing . >> we did a benefit concert and with the support of the texas abraham, walked the line. and i walked straight up to the opposite running across the way. and i lookedin his eyes and i said , there's the love. >> i said where's the love within humanity? >> he had no answer. >> so i showed donald trump, i say double trouble, where's the love? and he probably wouldn't have any answers. this man needslove in his heart just like we have love in our hearts , just like we have love in our hearts. this is the community that takes up here, it's a positive world, to a world where we could all be united. to a world where we could live with all our brothers
2:08 pm
and sisters, indigenous, native, we are human beings ladies and gentlemen. [applause] >> but people, the people, the power of the people can be about this, i love you guys. [applause] >>. [applause] i want to send a shout out to all the protectors. do the indigenous womenrising . lehigh, nike and seven, all
2:09 pm
my people. on the bus, everybody that came from standing rock, my hats off to all our water protectors here. have a wonderful year here. you're wonderful. everybody point to the white house and say where's the love? say where's the love? where's the love? thank you. >>. [laughter] wow, that was awesome. it up. holy smoke, montesinos ie,
2:10 pm
see your head. i am from north dakota and i'm here to thank you all for being here today, give it up for yourself. [applause] we are about to wrap it up today but i want to have the pleasure to invite everybody back to the cabinet tomorrow because we're going to continue the celebration. [applause] yes. we are back at the dbacabinet , we are going to have pizza. [laughter] and we are going to close it out in a really good way as we start where we finish as we pick up the
2:11 pm
nature of everything we do, we're going to close it out with a prayer so were going to have our next representative close it out in a good way, in a good way. she is here and don't forget to join us afterwards. [applause] >> hello. >> council representatives, wayne goodrich and i would like to say thank you all for coming today and standing in solidarity to protect all of us area can we please stand up and make this an ministration here are words, thank you. >> my name is lisa white, house representative or the tribe. we represent the community and we stand in solidarity with standing rock.
2:12 pm
the royal yellow lights are represented also. >>. [speaking native american] the relatives, the songs and other of the various, with mine in one heart we pray. for our mother earth and i want to have responses to say to that one thing in the 408. and water is life so now that's disparity. [chanting] [chanting].
2:13 pm
>>. [chanting]
2:14 pm
>>. [chanting]
2:15 pm
>> thank you. >> give it up, give it up. [applause] give it up, water coming from the sky. [chanting] i believe that we will win. i ... believe ... that we ... will win. i believe that we will win. i believe that we will win.
2:16 pm
[cheering] that's a wrap. thank you very much. here we are with the lights of the vault. >>. [inaudible conversation]
2:17 pm
2:18 pm
>>. [inaudible conversation]. >>. [inaudible conversation]. >>. [inaudible conversation]. >>. [inaudible conversation]. >>. [inaudible conversation].
2:19 pm
>> as this rally comes to a close, a reminder that you can watch it in its entirety on our website, the c-span video library dakota access pipeline. in the search bar at >> this weekend, thank you mister chairman. tv is life from the tucson festival of books. it's two days of panel discussions and author interviews, saturday our coverage begins at noon eastern and authors include richard reeves and his book infamy. the shocking story of the japanese american internment
2:20 pm
of world war ii. historian lillian feder and her book the gay revolution, the story of the struggle about lgbt community. >> offer candy who won the national book award for nonfiction with except from the beginning, the definitive history of racist ideas in america on sunday starting at 1 pm eastern, politics and integration with nation magazine national affairs correspondent don nichols. in his book people get ready. the fight against the jobless economy and athleticism democracy. the new york times op-ed columnist maureen down, the year of voting dangerously. the arrangement of american politics. and former goldman sachs vice president julie are set and her book by underground american dream. the true story of an undocumented immigrants who became a wall street executive. book tv is live from the tucson festival of books, saturday at noon and sunday at 1 pm eastern on c-span2.
2:21 pm
>> this weekend on american history tv on c-span3, at six eastern on the civil war abraham lincoln authority debate on what might have been had he not been assassinated. x we would have to assume that he was going to file a very cautious plan and so he might not have been willing to have black codes implement tribesmen but he certainly would have been much more conciliatory. >> and 10 on real america, writing to go round trip, the usa and world trade. >> they might get the weather needed, they unless the auto loan. everything is looking back, going to 25 different countries. >> sunday at 6 pm on american artifacts, philadelphia carpenters hall served as the meeting place of the first congress in 1774. >> you all remember patrick for his liberty orgive me death .
2:22 pm
but even more significant was his remark made here in the earlier days when he looked around the room and he said, gentlemen, we are no longer massachusetts. we are no longer in pennsylvania. we are no longer in virginia. we are all americans. >> and it ate on the presidency, ronald reagan and the transformation of global politics. >>: reagan ministration was also attempting to human rights moment elsewhere. focusing considerable attention on the 1981 institution to impose martial law in response to the influence of solidarity, the trade movement there. >> while complete american history tv schedule, go to >> veterans affairs secretary
2:23 pm
david spoken and senator john mccain of the senate arts community chair were among the witnesses testifying at a house veterans affairs committee hearing recently regarding the va's efforts to extend private healthcare provider options for trouble accessing va services. this is just under two and a half-hour. >>. [inaudible conversation] >> the committee will come to order. we thank all of you for being here and joining us tonight. it's somewhat unusual for the committee to meet in the evening hours for a conference we are staying up late for. i want to keep our work laser focused on the future and how
2:24 pm
we can work together to create a better, brighter healthier one for the healthcare system rather than on rehashing the mistakes we made long ago. as we begin to move forward, we must not lose sight of where we started. years ago, next month in this very room, the committee heard testimony from a veteran named barry coates who spoke about waiting almost a year for care at the department of veterans affairs facility of south carolina. he was finally seen long after he should have been. he was diagnosed for colon cancer that had spread to his liver and to his lungs. he passed away in january last year. it was gary's story and accompanying allegations that 40 veteran patients had died while waiting to receive care for the va medical center in phoenix arizona that kicked off a nationwide access and accountability scandal the
2:25 pm
likes of which the da had never seen. it also led directly to the creation of the choice program and to the allocation of billions more taxpayer dollars to increase access to care for veterans nations and the three years since then, more than 2 million authorizations for care had been approved and over 1 million veterans have been able to get care that otherwise might not have been readily available. however,all of us around this dais you're from veterans day after day , experiencing lengthy and frustrating delays when attempting to schedule an appointment through the va using choice. in fact a couple weeks ago, i was contacted by a veteran with a story much better. this veteran was diagnosed with cancer last fall and refused treatment. while i'm relieved to say he
2:26 pm
is now receiving the care that he needs from the provider of his choice, he suffered through weeks of doubt through a series of mishaps and miscommunication between the da, third-party administrative managing choice in this particular region and the community providers who had agreed to treat him. it appears that three years after various testimony, a lot had changed but too much had stayed the same. what's more, the recent work proforma to be a inspector general antigovernment accountability office illustrates clearly that choice is not fed up to succeed at its primary mission. providing timely care to veterans who cannot access that care within the va because it's either not offered, unavailable or a reasonable amount of time or would entail travel to make visible. gol testified this evening that veterans could potentially wait at the 81 calendar days before receiving care due to the burdensome bureaucratic process they imposed on choice. >> that is unacceptable to me and i'm sure everyone in this room. i ran a practice for over 30 years and i assure you it does not have to be this complicated.
2:27 pm
it should not and should most certainly not take this long. luckily, choice is not the same program today as it was before the da in the ig last year and it's certainly not the program that was first created. for a series of four legislative changes in 70 contract modifications in county, the choice has been continually improved upon and made stronger. what remains far from perfect, far too many cases have failed the veterans it was created to serve. i'm working diligently with the ranking member walt, the secretary and his senior leaders and what are senate colleagues were our veterans service organization partners in to chart a path forward for choice, all the care and the community programs in short order. we all have draft language that we shared in the coming weeks and have the va healthcare reform bill on the president's death this year. however, the first step is to reform choice is making sure there's a smooth transition
2:28 pm
to lead the way. this is why it's critical this committee tomorrow markup hr 369, a bill i introduced earlier this year to move for a sunset date from choice programs. >> acid legislation, the choice will begin shutting down in just a matter of weeks and will end completely in five short months from today. that setting off a key access at a time when veterans are seeking care in the community more than ever before. and critically at a time when va non-jewish community care account is unable to absorb additional demands for care. va has already faced a 3.4 billion deficit in the community care next fiscal year and va leaders have told the committee about the required additional address. and by removing the sunset choice program, we are not enforcing the program in its current state but we are ensuring that emergency funds the congress made available for critical veteran care are used for that purpose until
2:29 pm
theyare expended. >> community care performances have increased by 61 percent overall in choice . and the defense choice was created and the last year, 30 percent of all va appointments were held in the community rather than through va medical facilities. >> that is what i am committing to once again this evening. with that i will now yielded to ranking member walz for any statement that he may


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